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  1. First of, I think @i-G.Jo7 found a way/glitch in using his knife with a WH. That now is patched and no longer working for him 🤣 As I had to update to Catalina for professional reasons, I can't run COD4 on this device anymore. As we are still in lockdown at the cabin, I can't use my game Mac that is still at home. Hope to get it solved soon in a way I will however check the forums. Stay safe!
  2. Locked and moved. Good work @i-G.Motorizer !
  3. i-G.Jazz

    Creative Art

    🤣😂😝 😂😝 🤣😂😝 😂😝
  4. Happy Birthday sweetie. ❤️
  5. i-G.Jazz


    Sad to see you go marsi but I know you will be ok. Keep visiting us time to time. You did a awesome job for us as admin, please staysafe and don't hesitate to join a game at any moment! Thank you Mars for all. Jazz
  6. Interesting question but to be honest, I would not run Windows on a intel Mac. You will face issues of some kind. Just get a pc for gaming and have the Mac separate for other things. Just my thought.
  7. i-G.Jazz

    [AZK] ZnoyK

    Well done @i-G.BiggiE !
  8. Thank you @i-G.Sitting Duck Although it might be a joke; 'you killed COVID-19' it is ok. Problem is when the same player kills you or someone else, the joke changes to: 'killed by COVID-19' Therefor, not allowed for me. Thank you for bringing this on.
  9. Update for @lisa Never push please, it never works in your benefit. That said, 3rd Time getting banned, yes, that must be caused by something. After watching the demo, I must say I completely lost my trust in your fair play. That's just my personal decision only. Others will make their own. Hang on and have patience. A fair decision will be made. Jazz
  10. Happy Birthday Mate! Go get some huge waves and have fun today (surfing)
  11. I must confess that I sometimes listen more to the wise words coming from my grandfather than from my dad's. Wait, my dad also is a grandfather since I got a kid.. Hmm... Never mind. Never doubt a older one's vision and advice.
  12. Congratulations @i-G.Jo7 ! Welcome to the madhouse 😛
  13. Always enjoying having you in game! +1 from me.
  14. Welcome aboard @i-G.Smitty68129 , congratulations!
  15. Congratulations and welcome aboard @i-G.>kill'em all<. !