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  1. True but note it's about 'moving' not camping and certainly not shooting from undermap.
  2. i-G.Jazz

    nysqwik wallhack aimbot

    Well done again! locked and moved.
  3. i-G.Jazz

    Mikra aimbot

    Well done! locked and moved.
  4. i-G.Jazz


    @cyanidrecords How can you connect with a VPN connection when it's blocked on our servers? It also does not explain why your warning level is '0' again. You probably changed your guid but still playing with the same name. Anyways, playing with a VPN connection is NOT allowed. Please explain us what you did (besides the vpn connection) to get rid of the warnings. Thanks, Jazz
  5. i-G.Jazz

    Those quotes at the end of the maps

    Some that caught my attention; "Aim towards the Enemy." -Instruction printed on US Rocket Launcher "Cost of a single Tomahawk cruise Missile: $900,000" "If your attack is going too well, you're walking into an ambush." -Infantry Journal "The press is our chief ideological weapon." -Nikita Khrushchev “Religion is never the peacemaker” -iG.Jazz
  6. i-G.Jazz

    possible aimbot

    Well done @ZIGFRIED
  7. Btw, never update when things are running just fine. I learned over the last 25 years when I started with Windows 3.1
  8. I think you should look at '32lives' from 'Soundradix', however I'm not sure it also bridges standalone apps as COD4 from 32 to 64 bit but you can have a look. Let me bring up the link: https://www.soundradix.com/products/32-lives/ It's however working great for my 32bit sound plugins.
  9. i-G.Jazz

    Lord Spacepants

    Let's have a look pants. Please try to re connect
  10. i-G.Jazz

    Clan Application

    Hey Anton, We do play together for quite some time now and I must say you are very skilled. But being skilled is one part, you also are very skilled in giving other players a good mood with that nice character of yours. I'm very happy with your application, unhappy about Lemmy who is no more.. @i-G.Charlie is right, Although you just joined here, the standard is to become active on our forum so others can learn more about you. You will do just fine! Also, when you have the opportunity to record a player who you believe is cheating, make a recording and post it here on the forum. I'm very sure you will do a great job, as son of @i-G.Leon I'm very sure he can help you with the progress as he is a fast learner, ... That all said, you have a +1 from me
  11. i-G.Jazz

    I can return?

    I agree, the ban on this guid should stay.
  12. i-G.Jazz

    I can return?

    Allow us to think about this, it probably will take more than a couple of days. We will inform you when a decision is made. Thanks for your patience.
  13. i-G.Jazz

    I can return?

    Brando, If we ever decide to lift the ban, I say "IF" what can you promise us in return? How will you handle?
  14. i-G.Jazz

    And thats how you get server empty :'(

    I had some good gun games earlier this week.
  15. i-G.Jazz

    Opinions on Rex

    Good catch. This btw is our daily hacker from India. Ask @i-G.Leon, he had to buy a new file cabinet to keep up with all the records.