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  1. i-G.Jazz

    Clan Application

    Hey Anton, We do play together for quite some time now and I must say you are very skilled. But being skilled is one part, you also are very skilled in giving other players a good mood with that nice character of yours. I'm very happy with your application, unhappy about Lemmy who is no more.. @i-G.Charlie is right, Although you just joined here, the standard is to become active on our forum so others can learn more about you. You will do just fine! Also, when you have the opportunity to record a player who you believe is cheating, make a recording and post it here on the forum. I'm very sure you will do a great job, as son of @i-G.Leon I'm very sure he can help you with the progress as he is a fast learner, ... That all said, you have a +1 from me
  2. i-G.Jazz

    I can return?

    I agree, the ban on this guid should stay.
  3. i-G.Jazz

    I can return?

    Allow us to think about this, it probably will take more than a couple of days. We will inform you when a decision is made. Thanks for your patience.
  4. i-G.Jazz

    I can return?

    Brando, If we ever decide to lift the ban, I say "IF" what can you promise us in return? How will you handle?
  5. i-G.Jazz

    And thats how you get server empty :'(

    I had some good gun games earlier this week.
  6. i-G.Jazz

    Opinions on Rex

    Good catch. This btw is our daily hacker from India. Ask @i-G.Leon, he had to buy a new file cabinet to keep up with all the records.
  7. i-G.Jazz


    @guccipink Appreciated, thanks. To me, I am not really waiting to meet you in game again very soon. we'll meet again some other time, different world. Again, Thanks. Jazz.
  8. i-G.Jazz


    To me he can stay banned for some time. He was spoiling it for all players and admins for hours long and not giving in. His behavior was far from acceptable and not conform with the server rules. He was taking over the fun from all players that wanted to play and he spoiled the joy for hours. No, 'we are not good' @guccipink
  9. i-G.Jazz


  10. i-G.Jazz


    Demo's to watch: DEMO1 DEMO2 Jazz.
  11. i-G.Jazz


    @guccipink I appreciate the apologies but that I'm afraid it is not enough to unban you at this stage. You stepped over the line many times and you could not let it rest.
  12. i-G.Jazz


    Gucci, Do you remember the game of last Thursday? You really were annoying other players so you were friendly asked to stop ( spamming) You than kept going and I warned you that if you would not stop, you would get warning points. Finally you ended up with 3 warnings, that's a 40 minute temp ban. You rejoined before that 40min tempban which is actually ban evading. Therefor you got permbanned but you kept rejoining our servers. Also, please never use names in game as 'Admin' and 'fckn Admin'.. Also, have respect for other players and admins. Can you explain how you were be able to rejoin constantly without the permban having any affect? Thanks, Jazz
  13. i-G.Jazz

    duriman wallhack

    Locked and moved. Thanks @stardust for the report.
  14. i-G.Jazz

    Overgrown Gas Station Graffiti

  15. i-G.Jazz

    Overgrown Gas Station Graffiti

    Ah found it in the Graphic options menu. Make sure you have this option set to 'yes '