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  1. i-G.Jazz


    Visit our new teamspeak: ninjahighjump.ts.nfoservers.com
  2. I'm Sorry to see you go again. Once there was a soldier in our clan who was standing up for loyalty all the way. We had very good times and yes we had difficulties but we are putting things up again. It's very sad you left the ship that soon. Don't take me wrong but I expected more input from your side instead of leaving. Loyalty goes very deep. I know you had a hard time and it seems you like Angry Dogs a lot. I can only say to keep up the fun playing and take good care of your family. I will always remember the good days we had. Wish you all the best for you and your lovely fam
  3. Wise and warm words coming from @RedRose as always. Thank you sweetie ❤️
  4. The British did it! Well done @i-G.Sitting Duck
  5. Nice to see people uniting again. ❤️
  6. Welcome back @i-G.Lucky We missed you a lot.
  7. Thank you @stardust for the offer. Some things are moving a little in the background, let's see if that can work.
  8. Like tonight ☺️
  9. Sweet, I know you always did your very best for the clan, always wich I thank you for in a lot of ways! It is sad to see you go but not that unexpected because I know how much family matters to you. You proved that to i-G many many times! But when it comes to your own family and when it comes to hard decisions you should go for your own warm home family. It's the best thing for you my sweet, you did all that was possible and we all thank you for that! You are a great person, good loyalty friend and that friendship will last forever. That reminds me of something... Once we brief
  10. That is very sad news my friend but I understand your decision very well. I'm very sorry that not all is my powers to put our servers on steroids again. As you said, we had a very good time in the days and that will always be in my heart. You know were to find me if there is something you need. Take care! ❤️
  11. It does work on iPhone indeed. Since the upgrade of the forum we still have do to some work as some things got changed to default settings. I'm not sure the mobile version of our forum is still part of the software since they are releasing a mobile app. I'll see what I can do
  12. I know, maybe it sounds a bit stupid but when you hold your mobile horizontal, the complete menu will show. Also login and sign out.
  13. i-G.Jazz

    rompe wh

    Well done @i-G.ZIGFRIED Thanks @i-G.Sitting Duck closed and moved
  14. Welcome back. Have fun, play fair. Jazz