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  1. Hi Jo, thanks for your very good introduction. History and the History of France. It doesn't get better than that. Good luck with that place in the job market, but for now COD can be your home.
  2. As many of you know, I collect antique and vintage office appliances. I search the world for machines that time has forgotten. I currently have a website, a blog on Facebook and a two displays with the Smithsonian Institutes Learning Lab Digital Museum.So, I keep busy with the never ending hunt, researching, restoration, photographing and finally, displaying. I just finished the year up and have started the cataloging of this years find. He is what I found and added to the collection. Enjoy.
  3. Yes Jazz, I believe it is a speedpedelic. We call them Power Assist. As to how nice it is. I go out for a short 5 to 10 mile ride and come back after 25 miles. I love the ride and look forward toi going out. The large basket on the front is for a load of Claymore mines and the back rack is for my camping equipment. I try to keep the water bottle filled with vodka, as I don't care much for water.
  4. I thought it was time to get my tired self outside more. Call of Duty is dominating my life and I thought it was time to do something else, something that would improve my quality of life, so I bought this beast, This is Rad rover by Radpower Bikes. It is a 750w monster that will add power to my own effort, decreasing my own effort to the point that I can comfortably ride up to 50 miles. When I tire, I just put the bike into fifth gear and the electric motor does all the work. It has 7 gears plus 5 electrical assist gears, accessories include, AM/FM radio, GPS map and route tracker, Phone with mount, computer managed, 1 tail light with break light, 2 strobe lights, 2 head lights and plenty of cargo space. I call it the Tank.
  5. Since we have some free time, I thought we could sit around the camp fire and tell ghost stories.
  6. Dilly can always be counted on to be a great team player. He plays by the rules and I always have a good time when he is in the game.
  7. Headlice

    Get a new life!

    I want to thank you for the hell of a job you have done. As just a game player, Every time I wanted to play COD4, I came to the Ninja-Gaming servers and every time I did, they were up and running. I've tried a few times to create my own server and know from experience it is hard work. I'm just an old gamer and have little to do. You have made it possible for me to have many great experiences with many great people and I recognize that you made that happen. I wish you the very best. Headlice
  8. You were always fair and that is an important quality for me. Best of luck. You can always come back as a gamer and you will be welcome on my team anytime.
  9. This is the truth about the times we live in. This is what drives me to Ninja-Gaming. Most gamers are like minded good people. With the exception of Buck McFate who is just plan crazy. (just kidding). I love it when someone calls for an age check. How old are you? and you? It is great to see the people respond with ages from 7 to 70. On Ninja-gaming, we are all "gamers", equals, and "friends". To all my friends, I always look forward to seeing you on my next visit. Curtis Headlice
  10. Thank you for this information. It helped.
  11. Or should I say, the Dreaded Brick Gun. Hey, I got my second kill with the brick gun tonight. Anyway, Buck talks about getting better range with the bricks, but I have not figured it out yet. Can someone explain how to get the range or better use of a brick gun. I've tried to build a wall and that didn't work. Headlice
  12. Very good idea. Can I buy one from the machine or do I need to download one?
  13. O.K. It doesn't seem like anyone wants to say this about Downpour, but I will. I have played it several times and now I am noticing that my Gold AK47 has started to rust. I didn't clean it for a few days after playing, but still, that shouldn't be happening. I checked my Remington 700 and it also had rust building up around the scope clamps. Now I know to clean my weapons "immediately" after the game. I have noticed that I am more sickly now since you added Downpour to the line. My doctor has recommended that I just opt out when Downpour comes up. After running a high fever last week, I now know to sit it out with the other spectators while Downpour is running. Let's not even get into the mud destroying my shoes. No, not my favorite map.
  14. You would kill your own mom - that's just wrong buddy. Naaaaah, just kidding, I'll help you!!!!!!
  15. Nice to meet you Taterwhacker - hope to see you on the server soon.