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  1. i-G.GranTorino


    Congrats TGK !
  2. i-G.GranTorino

    Remove Downpour from map circulation?

    I play COD4 since 2008 and i only dislike winter crash which is useless. Variety is important cause i use appropriate weapon according to each map. Could be great to extend strike area out of map for killing hard camper (Bog for example) but dunno if its possible.
  3. i-G.GranTorino

    Clan Application

    ^ Is this you wearing the ACDC tee shirt? If you do,+1 from me. We love matures in this clan 😜
  4. i-G.GranTorino


    COngrats TGK, i remember THC, was it you?
  5. i-G.GranTorino

    COD 4 on latest Mac OS

    I have a IMac too,bought in 2007. Im running Mountain and i could not upgrade it ,or else i have to get a brand new one ,and i won't cause my old one works like a clock. Actually i keep my old Mac to make my COD4 working well 😃
  6. i-G.GranTorino

    RaG3's Official Resignation.

    i disagree with Duck, game is more important, but u have to try studies 😋 Best of luck
  7. In 2008 the Daily Mail told that Banski is a guy named Robin Gunningham, settled around London or Bristol. Lately a team of criminologists did a thorough investigation using the methods of geographic profiling. They took all locations where Banski had painted in order to determinate the "hotspots", the idea is that Banski could live in this areas. And they confirmed Banski is Gunningham. Rob its up to you now !
  8. i-G.GranTorino

    arnold wh,roccat etc.etc.

    The point is : When you chat and call a ban for a suspect player, the first thing i do is to check him before making a decision. all decisions we make are based on evidences and records. and since you want to sort it out, please know I've spec him several times and even recorded him two times : but there was no evidence for me. Maybe he turned his hack off since he has been alerted by the chat. Marrsi has posted a demo and we will watch it. Remember one thing : when admin is on use the calladmin command in order to avoid any alarm which a suspect player can read. Maybe i should kick him and i did wrong and sorry for that cause im back in admin business and so a bit rusty. However i prefer ban a guy with a good process instead of kicking him for few minutes. As a conclusion i will be always ready to discuss with you and collect your requests.
  9. i-G.GranTorino

    Clan Application

    Congrats and welcome in the pleasuredome !!
  10. i-G.GranTorino

    Clan Application

    Congrats Ghost !
  11. i-G.GranTorino

    Clan Application

    Your apply seems a hurried one. You should spend some time with us before. No for me.
  12. i-G.GranTorino

    Clan Application

    Gentle guy !! And we have almost the same age It's a YES !
  13. i-G.GranTorino

    Clan Application

    Thank you !! im proud to be a part of this clan. By the way i have a lot to learn before becoming usefull How to kick,how to record a player demo for a good report and discover steam (...) But i know how having fun with u guys !
  14. i-G.GranTorino

    Clan Application

    Thanks vor your very gentle posts ,its a great pleasure to play with you guys,and kill you a lot . Sitting Duck, im sorry but i could have born in Uk , so u cant definitely remove this possibility. For now i raise my glass of champagne to Xterm'baby !
  15. i-G.GranTorino

    Clan Application

    First Name (Optional): Pascal Ingame Name: GranTorinoYour GUID: e817a091Age: 49Contact: sry i don't have i need help for thisTime Zone: UK+1How long per day can you play?: 3 HoursPast clans (if any):: i've never been in a clan Anything else you want share about yourself (one cool thing about you):: Im workless since my last son was born but I'm establishing a human resources society which is starting in mars 2015.Got married two times (last one in june 2014) and i have 7 children : 19,17,15,13,7,4,2 years old (4 D, 3 S). Im one of the oldest here (could be Sitting Duck's son ...) but please don't put the blame on me for it !! Few things i like : gastronomy although i like good home made burger too,football,rugby,ski,Arcade Fire ,Beatsteaks ,Once upon a Time in America,Tolkien, and Saul Berenson. Been on COD4 since 8 years , and i play exclusively COD4. References:: Capybara and Julia Roberts What do you think is cool/unique/a quality the clan has?: First of all : each clan member respects everyone with opened mind. I like the way you chase the cheaters and tackle offensive language.I can't bear racism or sexual insults and even the lack of respect. And - last but not least - theres a place here for sense of humor and several times some IG guys bring smile to my face (hope i did too…) What is one thing that we could do to improve? (Adding you to the team does not count): Maybe some new maps. Special matches : only pistol,only shotgun,only snipe ,randomly with rotation. And why not a server with mixed mods (FFA,domination,sabotage,TDM). Why do you want to be in the clan?: Just want to be a part of it and contribute. PS : concerning the following question ; beer came first,chicken and egg after. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? : Chicken