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  1. i-G.Lucky

    possible aimbot

    Nice work @ZIGFRIED, thanks!
  2. i-G.Lucky

    I can return?

    Let me just add, he was playing yesterday. There were no hacks, but after spectating this guy for many many hours there were absolutely no doubt in my mind that it was him. Location: Ecuador. Talking to other players, so i addressed him as SOY and all of a sudden he stopped communicating completely. Banned of course, but he will be back
  3. i-G.Lucky

    Possible Hacker

    Hi @>kill'em all<. This is not really as fast as if he was using scroll-shooting, and it would be possible if using both buttons to fire, and a third to scope. Anyway, thanks for the report. Good work. Keep´em comming 😉
  4. i-G.Lucky

    Clan Application

    Funny thing, i have been paying attention to this player for a while, and seeing hus attitude, and the way he treat other players made me com to the conclusion that i decided to tell my fellow admins in game that night (@i-G.Leon and @i-G.Jazz) that i was about to ask him to apply, and how they felt about that. That’s whan i learned that this is actually @i-G.Leon’s son 😄 Anyway, based on what i’ve seen of @>kill'em all<, i have no problem recommending him for a trisl membership. @>kill'em all<, have you learned from your father how to record and report suspected players? That would be a very important contribution on your way to becomung a trial member. +1
  5. i-G.Lucky


    Nice job. Thanks!
  6. i-G.Lucky

    And thats how you get server empty :'(

    Love our MIX-server and especially Gungame. Shout next time your´e going, and i´ll join
  7. i-G.Lucky

    User LIKSA video attached

    Well done @OutFitter, thanks
  8. i-G.Lucky


    "we good", you say.... Well, "we NOT good", based on what i've seen from above. The only reason you calmed down was that you suddenly realized your ridiculous behavior might give you some consequences. I would have permbanned you too. We don't need kids like you running wild on our servers when we're not present.
  9. i-G.Lucky


    How did you manage to rejoin? @guccipink, opposing as admin is a ban reason in itself, and do you really expect to get any goodwill from us when using names like "fckn Admin"? Are you for real? You need a lot of time to learn how things work around here, and should not be let back in any time soon. If ever.
  10. i-G.Lucky

    Buttplug undermap dome

    Thanks for your report. His name should not be allowed either, and he will be told to change it if admin see that, or warn him if he don't.
  11. i-G.Lucky

    Danila aimbot

    Thanks @Biggie. Good work! 🙂 Locked and moved
  12. i-G.Lucky

    Doski Hack

    @i-G.Jazz Strange.... my link wasn’t showing, and i didn’t notice unntil now. Thanks for lending a hand mate 😄
  13. i-G.Lucky

    Doski Hack

    Thanks @Biggie, but please read this post:
  14. i-G.Lucky

    Ban appeal

    @playyoutube So you want to appeal the temp-ban you were given? I bet you didn’t realise the person you were harassing and talking crap to in game was me? The whole time in fact. So i gave you 1 warning in the end, and because of all your past warnings you got almost a day temp-ban. Would you say that was unfair? And yes, i have stored all the records of what happpend and how you behaved.
  15. i-G.Lucky

    NUT - wallhack and aim assist

    Hi, @OutFitter. Thanks, but we need some more to be able to do anything with your demo-file, unless it shows the players GUID in the demo itself. Name (Their Name) GUID (Their GUID)  Reason Proof (Please upload .dm_ 1 file to HERE with GUID as the name of the file.
  16. i-G.Lucky

    Charles in High Jump TDM

    Nice work, but please use the /record "name" - command to get a proper demo. Either way, we already know this was the pathetic work of a former member (Grillby) - and the GUID you provided is permbanned. Thanks for the report!
  17. i-G.Lucky

    How to report in WAW

    Nice work indeed @i-G.Xephodias.
  18. i-G.Lucky

    Server Application

    I guess i understood - at least some of it - right the first time then. Good luck with your application, and again, no pm’s necessary, as we will all be evaluating this.
  19. i-G.Lucky

    Server Application

    It seems i’ve missunderstood a bit, but what is happening here? First i see an application from @SuddenDeath, then @general provide a demo of You... is this an application or a report? Sorry, but this is a bit confusing, maybe because i’m not a WaW-player.
  20. i-G.Lucky

    Server Application

    Reading it now...
  21. i-G.Lucky

    Server Application

    @SuddenDeath, is this true or not? No PM needed, as we will all be evaluating your application, and therefor we will need you to tell us all(!) what’s been going on.
  22. i-G.Lucky

    Banned for Grill?

    Sorry about this.... You are one of the players that beat him all the time, and he couldn´t seem to handle that. You will be unbanned as soon as @i-G.Sitting Duck is available and we are sorry about this.
  23. i-G.Lucky

    gerc and odin multihack

    On vaccation and not able to see demos atm, but thanks for your report!
  24. i-G.Lucky

    being permanantly banned again

    After we decided to ban him from our servers for bad behaviour and too close relationship with the worst hacker we’ve had here for years, he decided to get back at not only us, but others too.
  25. i-G.Lucky

    TeamSpeak3 server

    NOOOOO....!!!! NOT MY TEAMSPEAK!!!!! 😭😭😭😭 ... ... 😁