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  1. Well done @i-G.Motorizer!!
  2. Yeah, well, if you point that on me just make sure that tube detonate, or you will be surprised to see where it ends up if i find you afterwards - lol
  3. Yes, mate. I do. There are kne more way out though, and i'll show you next time we meet in game 😊
  4. i-G.Lucky


    Sorry to see a nive guy like Marssi go. I will miss him. If i remember correctly i was the one giving him the news about beeing given admin status, and he was extremely happy about that. Things change, i know that first hand. But COD might not be a "escape room" for everybody. Take care and stay safe Mars ❤
  5. Just curious, which admin did he impersonate?
  6. i-G.Lucky

    [AZK] ZnoyK

    Lol, that must have been before i got in, but from what i saw there were no question about this decision.
  7. i-G.Lucky

    [AZK] ZnoyK

    As i arrived in game watching him myself i have already made his one permanent. Thanks, @i-G.BiggiE. Well done mate!
  8. As long as i'm in game there will be no names even close to COVID-19 / Corona, that's for sure.
  9. A very good and interresting introduction, @i-G.Jo7. Thanks a lot for sharing and the oportunity to get to know you. You seem like a very nice guy and you will fit in very well with our group.
  10. Welcome to the Clan @i-G.Jo7!
  11. I was trying to post this in the shoutbox - but it seems to be gone? Anyway, again, Happy birthday mate!! 😄 Never mind, found that subject here
  12. i-G.Lucky

    DhB wh

    Thanks for the report, @Jo7. Locked and moved.
  13. Welcome to the best looking Clan in the Universe, Mr. @i-G.BiggiE ?
  14. Congratulations and welcome aboard, @i-G.ZIGFRIED??
  15. i-G.Lucky

    Banned for wh

    Deleted from this section. Expecting an appeal from this...
  16. i-G.Lucky

    /BHE walling

    If the haven't been checked already tomorrow morning, i will. Happy New Year, @Biggie, and thanks for your report!
  17. Been out there a few times, but usually when i've been alone or with one or maybe two players. Not so fun... And with 10-20 players in game i don't stand a chance getting out without getting loads of bullets up my "behind"... ?
  18. i-G.Lucky

    Bob wallhack

    Hi @Bob We will review the demo we made, and if it shows that you did not in fact us any hacke you will be unbanned.
  19. Hi @ZIGFRIED. I have no problems giving you my +1
  20. I bet she didn’t see you post that one ?
  21. Though Killhouse is not our preferred map for demos, thos one was too obvious to let go. Banned, locked and moved! Great work @ZIGFRIED
  22. I have seen the demo myself now (again), but i slow motion, and to be honest, i may ask for this ban to be lifted, but before i do that i would like for you to answer me this (click on each question for reference): How did you see this guy? Here you kill 2 players. It´s the second kill that caught my attention. What did you see trough the wall that you couldn´t kill, because there was actually 2 walls between you? One more thing, many of your kills are trough walls/obstacles, which always gets other players attention.