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  1. i-G.Lucky

    feis_21 wallhack

    Though Killhouse is not our preferred map for demos, thos one was too obvious to let go. Banned, locked and moved! Great work @ZIGFRIED
  2. i-G.Lucky

    I got banned for nth.. "Lisa"

    I have seen the demo myself now (again), but i slow motion, and to be honest, i may ask for this ban to be lifted, but before i do that i would like for you to answer me this (click on each question for reference): How did you see this guy? Here you kill 2 players. It´s the second kill that caught my attention. What did you see trough the wall that you couldn´t kill, because there was actually 2 walls between you? One more thing, many of your kills are trough walls/obstacles, which always gets other players attention.
  3. i-G.Lucky

    I got banned for nth.. "Lisa"

    Hi @lisa. First of all, please stop spamming me with PM´s and on my profile with questions that should be posted into this section. Then to the ban. Yes, i banned you after recording you, and i suspect you of using wallhack. Demo is uploaded now, and you can also see it here: Lisa.dm_1 Bottom line, you se players that others can´t see, and i am not(!) talking about spawnpoints. You see, normally i would not use the "Killhouse"- map as evidence, but after watching and recording you most of that round i was convinced the amount of kills you had trough walls (i remind you i am not talking about spawn points), were so high that i decided to go ahead and ban. However, if this ban ends up with being unrightfully, i apologize, and you will be let back in - but not before other admins have seen the demo. Feel free to watch the demo yourself and explain your kills.
  4. i-G.Lucky

    aimbot: lokost

    The demo from the Tunnel did not contain enough kills og evidence to "stick in court", but the short one definitely caught my interest. First kill was based on a server bug, as you could see him trough the wall before entering the building. Second and third kill gave me the impression that he have an eye from out of this world. Too good to be true? Then the immediate flick to the last kill up in the air. He saw him jumping up from right, but aimed straight et him and killing him faster than actually possible. In my opinion he could definitely be using aimbot, but all in all not enough to take action. Please try to get at least 3 kills which we need as evidence if an appeal comes. As @i-G.Sitting Duck says, one worth watching Good work, @ZIGFRIED
  5. i-G.Lucky


    Well, of course, if one of us have removed his warnings he shouldn't be charged for that.... But as @RedRose says; I agree with that!
  6. i-G.Lucky

    Getting out of broadcast

    I was up there the other day. Kinda cool actually, having complete control over all the players, and almost impossible to get killed from up there unless you reveal your location. And yes, a death-zone was the reason i suddenly "got back in" lol
  7. i-G.Lucky


    First of all, don’t bother sending me PM’s about this, ok? They will not be answered. Seccond of all, your warnings from me was based in very abusive behaviour, and (to be honest) that surprise me, concidering you are 50 years old (if what you told me is the truth). So, i will ask you one more time (never again)...: You were tempbanned for bad behaviour, WHERE ARE THE RECORDS OF THOSE WARNINGS?
  8. i-G.Lucky


    @cyanidrecords This is my question - and my ONLY question: WHY did your warnings disappear from your record?? Have you dowloaded a new license or by any chance changed your GUID?
  9. i-G.Lucky


    First of all, whan you see me in game i am using the name «OzzY», as i did when i tempbanned you. I know you have «bumped into me» more than a few times. This is a tempban till certain things are clearified. I did not ban you for cheats. I haven’t even seen the demo you were banned for earler, because i was occupied with other things during that period. So, here’s the problem: I warned you three times a few weeks ago, because you behaved like a complete abusive idiot. That means that you (by now) should have at least 3 warning. I know you got warnings from fellow admins too. This tells me that you have been on our servers during the period you were banned, am i right?? So tell us, how come your warning record is showing 0 warnings all of a sudden, and how come your IP-address keep changing? Trust me, we have been doing this for many years. I’m 49 years old, i have been a gamer since the 90’s and i’m not the oldest in our Clan. So whatever you say now, tell the truth. Dont lie. Cause if you do, we will find out (that’s what we do), and you will be banned for the rest of your life. This is your chance to come clean (as accused players are supposed to do in an appeal) // i-G.Lucky
  10. i-G.Lucky


    Either way, you did VERY good reporting this. He is definitely wallhacking, but he had skills like a crab, and couldn´t get enough kills to get himself banned. He´s definitely cheating, but we need 3 clean (hack-)kills. Please keep them coming, because you obviously have the eye for suspicious players! You have the "eye", @Biggie, and i love that!!
  11. i-G.Lucky


    Hi, @Biggie. I do believe this player for sure used wallhack. However, i counted 2 kills which should be considered as proof, and one that i´m not 100 percent sure of. Maybe others would care to give some opinions on this one?
  12. i-G.Lucky

    JaMeSMMIII - real life threat

    Rage quit or not, people saying that should be permbanned (not warned), and should give a VERY good explanation why we should let them back in.
  13. i-G.Lucky

    possible aimbot

    Nice work @ZIGFRIED, thanks!
  14. i-G.Lucky

    I can return?

    Let me just add, he was playing yesterday. There were no hacks, but after spectating this guy for many many hours there were absolutely no doubt in my mind that it was him. Location: Ecuador. Talking to other players, so i addressed him as SOY and all of a sudden he stopped communicating completely. Banned of course, but he will be back
  15. i-G.Lucky

    Possible Hacker

    Hi @>kill'em all<. This is not really as fast as if he was using scroll-shooting, and it would be possible if using both buttons to fire, and a third to scope. Anyway, thanks for the report. Good work. Keep´em comming 😉