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  1. No need to be sorry. Just that things like that seem to have drifted away.
  2. We have had one for years and no one uses it
  3. I originate from a small city called Hereford and am therefore a HereFORDian. Does that count?
  4. My car isn't a Ford but by pretending to be one it is a Fordjery
  5. Thanks for the suggestion. The subject of new servers is being discussed by clan admins and members.
  6. Good catch. he is banned.
  7. I do not speak Spanish so please use English on here.
  8. We have distinctive seasons in Europe and during the winter it is cold and damp so we stay inside a lot. Summer is good and we are outside a lot. Therefore if outside we are not playing games. on the computer.
  9. If you cannot find your GUID, I cannot check our records. Are you able to play on other servers? If so it it just our server that has blocked that number. You will need to find a new game key code and start again. Legal ones can be cheaply bought on ebay. Please reply in English.
  10. It is nothing to do with your name and I have already checked the player panel.
  11. You are using a copied game and the GUID with it is probably banned already by someone else doing the same. You have to find a clean game number. Can be purchased on eBay quite cheaply or found somewhere. Let me know what guid you are currently using
  12. We have discussed this matter and will allow you to return and play. Just ensure that your behaviour is good or the ban will return. Your guid may still be banned for other players and you may need a new one.
  13. That's for me to know and you to guess
  14. I always fish for fish that I can eat. Fishing for flies seems pointless.😂
  15. Sitting Duck does come on often and check the servers but often under different names.
  16. Probably a coincidence. If iceman keep on give him a warning. he has a reputation of accusing other players
  17. It was 11pm here Zig. I was asleep in bed.
  18. I don't obviously know about others but here in the UK our weather has been fantastic for the last couple of months. I am therefore outside most of the time, not in on the computer.
  19. The servers often have a large number of players, depending on the time of day.
  20. No we cannot use cloud servers. Things are being currently worked on.The most popular mode of game is up and running. Until things are updated, if you want anything else you will have to use other servers.
  21. That is because we were in the middle of changing to new servers until the COVID19 lockdown. Everything then had to stop.
  22. Someone else may have used the key number for the game. Is your game original or pirated? I cannot check if you are banned without the GUID