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  1. i-G.Sitting Duck


  2. i-G.Sitting Duck


    Yes he is cheating and has been banned. Please try to take longer demos though as we like at least 3 different indications of cheating. Demo uploaded. Thx for the report There is a!so another demo for this player in the same day.
  3. i-G.Sitting Duck

    Clan Application - SMITTY68129

    Because you are a monkey
  4. i-G.Sitting Duck

    Clan Application - SMITTY68129

    Just carry on and show us that you can handle hackers and then we can move on
  5. i-G.Sitting Duck

    BiggiE's App.

    Application accepted. Welcome aboard. Please liaise with Redrose who will sort everything out with you. You may now use commands but only ban temporarily for up to 4 weeks during your trial period. Welcome aboard.
  6. i-G.Sitting Duck

    Christian wh

    I agree, ban made permanent
  7. i-G.Sitting Duck

    Possible Wallhack

    Thanks for the report. There is insufficient proof here but that is quite normal for this player. Many admins have banned him in the past and then we have had to unban him. It does show that you are looking at things the right way so keep it up.
  8. i-G.Sitting Duck

    mulat aimbot

    Banned and demo uploaded. Thanks
  9. i-G.Sitting Duck

    BiggiE's App.

    yes a good old fashioned hop that we still grow here in Herefordshire. We have red clay soil which is great for the hops
  10. i-G.Sitting Duck

    BiggiE's App.

    Don't exaggerate.
  11. i-G.Sitting Duck

    BiggiE's App.

    As long as the IPA you drink is proper British stuff and not that USA rubbish, +1
  12. i-G.Sitting Duck


    Temp ban only so left to run out.
  13. i-G.Sitting Duck

    Bob wallhack

    That ban has been lifted
  14. i-G.Sitting Duck

    Server Application

    Application denied due to lack of interest
  15. i-G.Sitting Duck

    Banned for wh

    I can't find a ban for this player