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  1. I have checked and as far as I can see he is not banned. he was kicked back in November but nothing since then. We have no record of you being banned under that name У нас нет записей о том, что вы были забанены под этим именем U nas net zapisey o tom, chto vy byli zabaneny pod etim imenem
  2. I have only just seen this. Evidence reviewed and insufficient. Ban lifted
  3. We are having a small number of players starting to use names referring to the current COVID 19 crisis. I find them to be totally offensive and when people are scared of even going outside, to bring the subject to a gaming area is not on. Please be warned that anyone using such a name will be kicked and if they return and continue with it they will get official warning and then temp bans. Our servers are there to have fun, not worry.
  4. I have the whole series on DVD.
  5. We had a TV series in the UK many years ago named The Prisoner. Patrick McGoohan was a political prisoner held in a village where names were not used, just numbers. He was called Number 6. When he tried to escape a big bouncy balloon would chase after him and stop him going. Due to the current situation, I am now isolated at home and not supposed to leave. I have turned into Number 6.
  6. I regret that 99% of ban appealers state that they don't cheat or believe in it etc so our decisions have been based on the demos alone. There has been some differing in opinions so in fairness you will get the benefit of the doubt. Ban removed.
  7. The link works perfectly for me. Please do as asked and just address this matter.
  8. So far most admins who have examined the demo believe that you are using some form of cheat or playing aid. The link to the demo is https://ninja-gaming.ninja/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=2866 I have allowed to you to make comments again but stick to this subject and don't keep pushing.
  9. I have tried to be polite and tell you to let us do our job. However you seem determined to keep on. I have therefore blocked you from making any more posts on the forum until this matter is cleared.
  10. You may have to wait longer. Your attitude is very annoying. We have lives to lead and we will do it when we can.
  11. You will be told when it is done. Please stop pushing as it will not help/
  12. Arguing and protesting changes nothing. The verdict will be taken on the demo.
  13. Come on what. Your play obviously arouses suspicion. The demos will be checked as normal.
  14. The demos will be carefully checked and you will be informed of the outcome.