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  1. i-G.Sitting Duck

    Not a report - just a question of in/under map in this case

    Some places there were under map but he didn't shoot at anyone so just moving through is ok
  2. i-G.Sitting Duck

    nysqwik wallhack aimbot

    Banned in game thx
  3. i-G.Sitting Duck

    Banned for wh

    The demos have been checked very carefully. There are a few unexpected shots but these could be down to good chance. Ban lifted.
  4. i-G.Sitting Duck

    Banned for wh

    Sorry but that is not an option as cheats can just be turned off or on. Please be patient whist admins carefully check it through.
  5. i-G.Sitting Duck

    Banned for wh

    demo links http://www.mediafire.com/file/evtqlsxapufwihg/f1d430ab_1.dm_1/file http://www.mediafire.com/file/kszef8xc1xfpomn/f1d430ab_2.dm_1/file
  6. i-G.Sitting Duck

    I got banned for nth.. "Lisa"

  7. i-G.Sitting Duck

    I got banned for nth.. "Lisa"

    There is sufficient doubt here so ban removed
  8. i-G.Sitting Duck

    I got banned for nth.. "Lisa"

    not sure
  9. i-G.Sitting Duck

    I got banned for nth.. "Lisa"

    That's just what I said we will do
  10. i-G.Sitting Duck

    I got banned for nth.. "Lisa"

    Before banning demos are taken and we need to watch that before commenting
  11. i-G.Sitting Duck

    I got banned for nth.. "Lisa"

    GUID 2971d76e We will have to wait for the demo to be posted before deciding on this matter
  12. i-G.Sitting Duck

    aimbot: lokost

    I'll leave it open for others to check as well.
  13. i-G.Sitting Duck

    Getting out of broadcast

    I have been trying this without any success at all
  14. i-G.Sitting Duck

    aimbot: lokost

    I have watched both demos in fast and slow motion and using a light grid. This player seems to watch the gaps for a time even though I can see that there is no one close or coming. In the second demo the fist kill is ok as you can see the enemy player's rocket sticking out of the wall. There are then a couple of dubious kills but in slow motion I did see some the enemy players before he killed them. I also noticed him aiming straight ahead when there were enemy players to the side and behind him, a lot closer. He also has some direct hits but others are not so good. I agree that he is highly suspicious but I really feel that we need more evidence. Never the less, thank you for the report as this is one worth watching.
  15. i-G.Sitting Duck


    I feel that he is lying to us. he still tries to join under another name so is just trying to avoid the current temp ban. The fairest outcome is to let this ban run and after it is over then let him play. Any warnings should be recorded here and if he exceeds the normal limit the temp ban will be re instated,