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  1. i-G.Sitting Duck

    Possible Hacker

    I agree that this player has a strange manner of play and on occasions I thought hat he may be cheating. However, on this occasion I feel that there is insufficient evidence to ban. Thanks for the report though. Sit back patiently and the obvious cheaters will become apparent.
  2. i-G.Sitting Duck

    I can return?

    Appeal denied.
  3. i-G.Sitting Duck

    Wallhack Gabriel

    Thanks for the report, already banned by Sammas.
  4. i-G.Sitting Duck


    he has wall hack as well. Stays banned. good job.
  5. i-G.Sitting Duck

    And thats how you get server empty :'(

    Nope not that good
  6. i-G.Sitting Duck


    We currently have a couple of idiots using a load of other player names. We will sort it as it occurs. Changing you name won't help as he checks and uses whoever is on.
  7. i-G.Sitting Duck

    User LIKSA video attached

    We also have his IP so all is good. He has been banned, thanks for the report
  8. i-G.Sitting Duck

    Opinions on Rex

    He has already been banned so you can stay drinking for now.
  9. i-G.Sitting Duck

    Opinions on Rex

    Yes I agree, banned in game
  10. i-G.Sitting Duck


    GucciPink. Your conduct and attitude whilst playing on our servers was well below acceptable standards. You will therefore remain banned from our severs at this time. You may reapply to have the ban lifted in 3 months. at the end of November
  11. i-G.Sitting Duck


    I am currently unable to see how this player re-joined so many times after the bans. They do not seem to have registered at all. However, he was aware of them as he later apologised and asked to be allowed back. His initial behaviour was extremely poor and that is mainly what we should use to judge this ban. He was cocky, rude and obstructive to admins wearing tags which will not be tolerated. He also came back using the name admin and f*ck admin. Again that will not be tolerated. He will definitely remain banned for now but I would like opinions as to whether or not he should ever be allowed to return.
  12. i-G.Sitting Duck


    I fail to see how making a mistake was not your fault. You got aggravated and retaliated so that is your fault. You state that you have donated money but we have no record of that at all. However, I am looking into this and will report back when a final decision is made.
  13. i-G.Sitting Duck

    Ban appeal

    The ban will expire in just over 6 hours. Typing in foul language is a conscious act, not a mistake, so please refrain in future.
  14. i-G.Sitting Duck

    NUT - wallhack and aim assist

    This was Grillby having another tantrum
  15. i-G.Sitting Duck

    Leosboy100 rule breaking

    That's enough of slagging each other off, Get proof before making accusations otherwise they don't stand up