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  1. Because its been almost 24 hrs with no proof for the ban being shown. The banned member has posted an appeal and no current members have mentioned anything about his appeal. They have commented, but have not said anything about his appeal. Just because I was kicked out of the clan doesn't mean I don't know how it runs or that I can't comment. If you want to go into THAT topic then you can PM me. Other than that, stay professional and remember, ban appeals need proof, they should be posted so other members and other clan members can view and post their opinions.
  2. Well, the demo in question would be a nice addition to this appeal so it can be judged.
  3. Shadow5h0t

    Can u plz help

    What was your temp ban for?
  4. This seemed to escalate quickly...Halloween, all hallows eve, whatever you wanna call it. It is a fun time for everyone. The treats don't have to be candy, or sweets if you must call it something different, that is just what people are accustomed to giving at this point. There are also small toys and such to give out as well. When I was younger it was a fun time with family and you got to know your neighbors better. And for a lot of kids, that's the only time they get sweets. Trick or treating, parties, bon fires, bonding time with friends and family. That's the beat part of it all. Of course kids stick to the candy part, its candy. BTW here is a link for some research too.
  5. Anyone should still be able to access the demos and upload them.
  6. Hm, well it's been nice everyone. I've seen a lot of people come and go, guess everyone decided it was my time. I might talk to yall some time. Until then good luck and happy gaming.
  7. Shadow5h0t

    Black Leg

    @i-G.Hexenx was this ban removed after the decision?
  8. Honestly, I see enough for ONE warning with everything here. I don't think that they were all necessary. It seemed like he wasn't talking to himself, so there was someone else either egging him on, or conversing with him just the same.
  9. I would like an explanation for each warning given in this game toward him. I am slightly confused as to why they were given.
  10. @i-G.Ninjaman that was also zoomed all the way in and them cropped again for the website. Lol
  11. @i-G.Lucky Yes. Yes it was.
  12. Here is just one of the photos ingot of the eclipse. I was in the path of complete totality.
  13. Shadow5h0t


    I guess that shows us he was, in fact, hacking. Lol
  14. Just because they recognize their in-game name doesn't mean they know whats after that, and on top of that, many people see a language they don't understand so they ignore it completely. Just because they know one word doesn't mean they can still recognize its toward them.
  15. Ok, I will lock this thread then. Any other issues feel free to message a master admin for help. :-)