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  1. Gone

    Get a new life!

    For the topic title:
  2. Gone

    Get a new life!

    I think it is it. I did not really care about this for ages.
  3. Gone

    It's me -Nix-

    Nice introduction. Thank you.
  4. I think too many things to do already. So don't expect it anywhere in near future.
  5. Gone

    Farewell Shadow5h0t

    It has been now decided. The community has not voted in Shadow's favor. However Ninja-Gaming does wish you best luck and plenty of happy days in your future. Farewell Shadow5h0t.
  6. Gone

    Ban Tank2/ Tank_2

    @i-G.RaG3 you saw https://ninja-gaming.ninja/index.php?/topic/1654-ban-of-tank/&tab=comments#comment-11317 ?
  7. Gone


    Hello ncllucian! No GUID? How can we ban him then?
  8. Gone


    Due to recent events all applications are on hold for now until everything is sorted out.
  9. Gone

    power abused

    2653:12 say;d261ef9b;0;Gordon Freeman;hi 2667:03 say;d261ef9b;0;Gordon Freeman;gg 2683:02 say;d261ef9b;0;Gordon Freeman;gungame on the mix server? 2683:46 say;d261ef9b;0;Gordon Freeman;NiNJA|HighJump MIX: 2684:14 say;d261ef9b;0;Gordon Freeman;NiNJA|HighJump MIX: 2684:26 say;d261ef9b;0;Gordon Freeman;Let me know when youre going and ill meet u there ;) 2684:31 say;d261ef9b;0;Gordon Freeman;NiNJA|HighJump MIX: 2685:04 say;d261ef9b;0;Gordon Freeman;U know console? 2686:07 say;d261ef9b;0;Gordon Freeman;Mixed. 2686:21 say;d261ef9b;0;Gordon Freeman;You vote after every game by rightklicking 2688:26 say;d261ef9b;0;Gordon Freeman;OK, SEE U THERE 2832:25 say;d261ef9b;1;Dr.Freeman;canducrusher in da house 2832:27 say;d261ef9b;1;Dr.Freeman;lol 2833:01 say;d261ef9b;1;Dr.Freeman;know... DOnt have time to play... 2833:13 say;d261ef9b;1;Dr.Freeman;Have 30 minutes but not in this dark hole 2833:20 say;d261ef9b;1;Dr.Freeman;...so ill wait ;) 2833:30 say;d261ef9b;1;Dr.Freeman;:) 2834:00 say;d261ef9b;1;Dr.Freeman;dont think about it 2834:05 say;d261ef9b;1;Dr.Freeman;leave me alone 2834:08 say;d261ef9b;1;Dr.Freeman;;p 2834:32 say;d261ef9b;1;Dr.Freeman;(jokle of course) ;) 2838:06 say;d261ef9b;1;Dr.Freeman;Oooh, i feel lucky today :) 2849:26 say;d261ef9b;1;Dr.Freeman;Who? Me? 2851:51 say;d261ef9b;1;Dr.Freeman;&msg Openly - Change your name immeadeately! 2852:05 say;d261ef9b;1;Dr.Freeman;Damned Mac 2852:10 say;9d006996;10;Nigahga;you what? 2852:21 say;d261ef9b;1;Dr.Freeman;What was that? 2852:31 say;9d006996;10;Nigahga;what was what babe? 2853:01 say;d261ef9b;1;Dr.Freeman;What was it? 2853:17 say;d261ef9b;1;Dr.Freeman;His previous? 2853:22 say;9d006996;10;Nigahga;he is a bit confused with life 2853:31 say;d261ef9b;1;Dr.Freeman;Yep? 2854:09 say;9d006996;10;Nigahga;wait wait wait..how is my name offensive 2854:18 say;d261ef9b;1;Dr.Freeman;Well, those names are not allowed here 2854:23 say;9d006996;10;Nigahga;which names 2854:36 say;d261ef9b;1;Dr.Freeman;The name you entered with 2854:58 say;9d006996;10;Nigahga;openhacks? how is that not allowed..How does that harm anyone 2855:21 say;d261ef9b;1;i-G.Lucky;It just ain, please respect that 2855:36 say;d261ef9b;1;i-G.Lucky;I wont 2855:46 say;9d006996;10;Nigahga;oh you are the one who bans for no reason eh..i have heard of you 2856:03 say;d261ef9b;1;i-G.Lucky;I warn you, ok? 2856:29 say;9d006996;10;Nigahga;ddue dont be one of those who just use comnmands because they got it new 2856:33 say;9d006996;10;Nigahga;use it wisely 2856:37 say;9d006996;10;Nigahga;dont abuse 2857:13 say;d261ef9b;1;i-G.Lucky;Lets just play and dont whaste more time on this , shal we? 2857:17 say;d261ef9b;1;i-G.Lucky;Thanks! 2857:22 say;9d006996;10;Nigahga;after you. ty:) 2858:17 say;9d006996;10;Nigahga;gg obi 2858:18 say;d261ef9b;1;i-G.Lucky;gg 2858:19 say;9d006996;10;Nigahga;bois 2859:18 say;d261ef9b;1;i-G.Lucky;Have to go pollo! 2859:24 say;d261ef9b;1;i-G.Lucky;Bye all :) 2860:58 say;9d006996;10;Haxingwaxing;damn leaving the enitre game just to change name seems lot of work 2868:21 say;9d006996;10;Haxingwaxing;lmao 2873:57 say;9d006996;10;Haxingwaxing;kaboom 2875:58 say;9d006996;10;Haxingwaxing;yo 2878:02 say;9d006996;10;Haxingwaxing;the guns in COD has got most irritating recoil 2881:16 say;d261ef9b;1;i-G.Lucky;Hi Hex 2900:51 say;d261ef9b;1;i-G.Lucky;gg 2901:05 say;d261ef9b;1;i-G.Lucky;BB all ! 2901:29 say;d261ef9b;1;i-G.Lucky;Bye Hex ;) 2948:27 say;d261ef9b;1;Chad;;) 2964:40 say;d261ef9b;1;Chad;gg 2976:56 say;d261ef9b;1;Chad;lol 2987:29 say;d261ef9b;1;Chad;You guys want to go to a smaller map? 2987:41 say;d261ef9b;1;Chad;This is not a vote, just a request :) 2988:20 say;d261ef9b;1;Chad;Thx guys :) 2990:14 say;d261ef9b;1;i-G.Lucky;y 2999:45 say;d261ef9b;1;i-G.Lucky;Stop that! 3008:31 say;d261ef9b;1;i-G.Lucky;gg 3051:03 say;9d006996;8;Homei,Sitdown;gg wpp bois 3051:19 say;9d006996;8;Homei,Sitdown;i am drunk, you can excuse me 3051:23 say;9d006996;8;Homei,Sitdown;_-_ 3051:36 say;9d006996;8;Homei,Sitdown;_-_____________- 3051:43 say;9d006996;8;Homei,Sitdown;not really 3054:09 say;9d006996;8;Homei,Sitdown;ik 3060:50 say;9d006996;8;Homei,Sitdown;rude 3067:19 say;9d006996;8;Homei,Sitdown;ik 3067:36 say;9d006996;8;Homei,Sitdown;oh wait you saaid Jonko 3067:39 say;9d006996;8;Homei,Sitdown;i only read wh 3069:08 say;9d006996;8;Homei,Sitdown;cant think of a single person who would have that much free time 3069:52 say;9d006996;8;Homei,Sitdown;really? why go over so much trouble just for a single person? 3070:51 say;9d006996;8;Homei,Sitdown;you see the big picture...but is 10y/o game worth damn giving? 3072:18 say;9d006996;8;Homei,Sitdown;hax that was clearly 3072:47 say;9d006996;8;Homei,Sitdown;lmao 3072:50 say;9d006996;8;Homei,Sitdown;love you too 3072:55 say;9d006996;8;Homei,Sitdown;i bet polo is angrey at me 3093:41 say;9d006996;16;Homei,Sitdown;that is me yay 3093:45 say;9d006996;16;Homei,Sitdown;who dies 3093:50 say;9d006996;16;Homei,Sitdown;that is sad 3122:24 say;9d006996;16;Homei,Sitdown;me so good meignksf 3189:06 say;d261ef9b;1;i-G.Lucky;Hi! 3189:54 say;d261ef9b;1;i-G.Lucky;Hello everybody! 3214:42 say;d261ef9b;1;i-G.Lucky;;) 3215:05 say;d261ef9b;1;i-G.Lucky;Need awarmup :D 3215:35 say;d261ef9b;1;i-G.Lucky;lol ;p 3215:40 say;d261ef9b;1;i-G.Lucky;me too :) 3216:33 say;d261ef9b;1;i-G.Lucky;Actually.... Im gonna have myself a glass of redwine now.... brb 3217:31 say;d261ef9b;1;i-G.Lucky;Hi termy ;) 3221:14 say;d261ef9b;1;i-G.Lucky;Ok, lets do this :p 3221:33 say;d261ef9b;1;i-G.Lucky;Overgrown is not my map 3223:52 say;d261ef9b;1;i-G.Lucky;its a vip-thing you know ;) 3229:05 sayteam;d261ef9b;1;i-G.Lucky;ok ok ok, im comming 3230:21 sayteam;d261ef9b;1;i-G.Lucky;What?!? Where?? 3230:45 sayteam;d261ef9b;1;i-G.Lucky;Me too 3231:13 say;d261ef9b;1;i-G.Lucky;NEGRO - Change your name! 3234:37 say;9d006996;20;Homei drunk af;who believes in gay love? 3235:08 say;9d006996;20;Homei drunk af;am not sure 2 guys sucking on sugarcane is cute 3235:56 say;9d006996;20;Homei drunk af;you got that wroing boi 3236:57 say;9d006996;20;Homei drunk af;ik omg i already knoiw 3237:53 say;9d006996;20;Homei drunk af;who ever thought lemon helps, you got scammed baby 3239:11 say;9d006996;20;Homei drunk af;english boi i dont speak gibbrish 3240:22 say;d261ef9b;1;i-G.Lucky;Guys! Watch your languages please. Yhat includes use of in-game names 3240:43 say;9d006996;20;Homei drunk af;bad language is a sin 3241:02 say;9d006996;20;Homei drunk af;i wont 3241:07 say;9d006996;20;Homei drunk af;you hate me 3241:30 say;9d006996;20;Homei drunk af;no you hate me coz i denied anomaly 3241:58 say;9d006996;20;Homei drunk af;aww ikr lol 3242:05 say;9d006996;20;Homei drunk af;but i like it:( 3242:31 say;d261ef9b;1;i-G.Lucky;Hey mate :) 3242:45 say;9d006996;20;Homei drunk af;x term yoyo man 3243:48 say;9d006996;20;Homei drunk af;nofghkn;'gs 3246:00 say;9d006996;20;Homei drunk af;anyt hot femalt around 3246:17 say;9d006996;20;Homei drunk af;whats wronf 3246:31 say;9d006996;20;Homei drunk af;dude that name reples female 3246:54 say;9d006996;20;Homei drunk af;yea you klnmwo ig lucky gets lot of hookers 3246:56 say;9d006996;20;Homei drunk af;hee wont admit here 3247:15 say;d261ef9b;1;i-G.Lucky;Ok, you need a little time off 3247:17 say;9d006996;20;Homei drunk af;he does 3247:34 say;9d006996;20;Homei drunk af;he is the best admin 3247:43 say;9d006996;20;Homei drunk af;i am just sucking off 3248:02 say;9d006996;20;Homei drunk af;i got something in PM i cant read it lmao 3248:17 say;d261ef9b;1;i-G.Lucky;One more ans you are out Homei, is that clear? 3248:28 say;d261ef9b;1;i-G.Lucky;I am not here to babysit! 3248:33 say;9d006996;20;Homei drunk af;now you want me to keep quiet 3248:37 say;9d006996;20;Homei drunk af;omg dicatatorship 3251:15 say;d261ef9b;1;i-G.Lucky;ok m 3251:16 say;d261ef9b;1;i-G.Lucky;e 3251:19 say;d261ef9b;1;i-G.Lucky;Ok, mate
  10. Gone

    power abused

    Thank you. Still need it from Lucky.
  11. Gone

    power abused

    First of all before we continue here: @hOEMI what are the last 8 characters of your CoD4 GUID? Also @i-G.Lucky could put it here after hOEMI did.
  12. Nice, just not so great quality. I have never seen that either yet. The only one time in my life I had the chance there were clouds covering up the sun. So all I was able to see that is became kinda night.
  13. Gone


    Minute 5:02 needs someone to explain me. Or is it just the terrible video quality?
  14. Gone

    TeamSpeak3 server

    There are no admin calls yet.
  15. Gone

    TeamSpeak3 server

    The TS3 server is now back up. It is ready and you can connect to it with the address "ts3.ninja-gaming.ninja". So enjoy.