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    Hello Friends ZIG here with my first record & report! New at this so recording is a bit long, I was 1 vs 2 so instead of spectate i just kept a few replays at the start and towards the end where I noticed the aimbot. I will get better at this. Hopefully it's enough. Thanks Name: demos GUID: 0af11983 Reason: aimbot Proof : demo recording below https://www.dropbox.com/s/lj1fc6ojehhru8k/0af11983 demos - aimbot.dm_1?dl=0 Cheers ZIGFRIED
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    Hi ziggy, Thank you for the report. Player has been banned. If you have the same situation in future, 1. you can go to spec and let the game auto balance, this will then allow you to spec and record the player that is hacking. 2. When stray came on, you could have gone to spec and started a new recording of the player that is hacking. Cheers Rose