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    We are having a small number of players starting to use names referring to the current COVID 19 crisis. I find them to be totally offensive and when people are scared of even going outside, to bring the subject to a gaming area is not on. Please be warned that anyone using such a name will be kicked and if they return and continue with it they will get official warning and then temp bans. Our servers are there to have fun, not worry.
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    Thank you for all the messages ❤️. 😘 from my small island 🌴
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    Wise decision. Duck, My wife and I are considered high risk. I see nothing funny about this virus. We are self quarantined. and are uncertain as to our future. Luckily, I have Ninja-Gaming and my office machine collection to keep me entertained. Thank you sir.
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    Thank you @i-G.Sitting Duck Although it might be a joke; 'you killed COVID-19' it is ok. Problem is when the same player kills you or someone else, the joke changes to: 'killed by COVID-19' Therefor, not allowed for me. Thank you for bringing this on.
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    Happy Birthday dear, hope you have a wonderful day at home sipping champagne beside the pool with strawberries and chocolate❤️
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    As long as i'm in game there will be no names even close to COVID-19 / Corona, that's for sure.
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    I have the whole series on DVD.
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    I just want to add. Lisa, you are not a pleasant person to play with or against, you complain about peoples playing style, you berate people for using certain weapons and are just generally rude. People come to this server to have fun, to forget about their worries and family concerns, people don't want to be ragged on by some one who feels their opinion is the only one that matters, that the way they play is the best way. You should follow what I am sure your mother used to tell you, if you have nothing nice to say...... hold your tongue. And you have my words..... everyone that cheats says the exact same thing you say!
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    I have tried to be polite and tell you to let us do our job. However you seem determined to keep on. I have therefore blocked you from making any more posts on the forum until this matter is cleared.
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    Hey "birthday-CHEVY" all the best to you, have a wonderful and relaxed day🍻
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    absolutely agree
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    We had a TV series in the UK many years ago named The Prisoner. Patrick McGoohan was a political prisoner held in a village where names were not used, just numbers. He was called Number 6. When he tried to escape a big bouncy balloon would chase after him and stop him going. Due to the current situation, I am now isolated at home and not supposed to leave. I have turned into Number 6.
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    Have you got enough TP?
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    Well I understand that, I'm little too aggressive when it comes to playing cod, so I'll get over with it.
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    Come on what. Your play obviously arouses suspicion. The demos will be checked as normal.
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    @CrazedBogan Long time no see, hope you're doing well for yourself.
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    maybe there is a solution to run a windows-os with a virtual machine on a mac ... not sure, but I think Pollo is doing this somehow
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    I think that the games are different for Mac and pc so probably won't transfer. However numerous cheap second hand ones on Ebay
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    Happy birthday buddy 😁
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    Happy birthday there Chevy!
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    Happy Birthday Mate! Go get some huge waves and have fun today (surfing)
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    Happy birthday Teaonui . Hope that you have a great day.
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    Thank you Star 😉 I'll remember for the adventure ! Prepare you, it could happen 😄
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    We currently have a large number of guests trying to register on the forums using VPNs from high risk areas. Please be warned that these registrations are blocked and the IPs banned. If you wish to be part of the forums, you are welcome but you must register using a safe IP.
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    Welcome aboard Smitty, hey I found out why that monkey was being spanked.......