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    Best part of that application hahahaha
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    I absolutely agree with you@i-G.Jazz. and @i-G.Charlie So far, I have never asked my son if he would like to join the clan. I think he should make such a decision himself. That's why I thought it was good that he was asked by other administrators. It looks like he's really interested and I explained and showed him a few things as well. So I'm looking forward to the first reports from him. Of course, all stages on the way to becoming a clan member should be completed. That's good and important! I am happy that he wants to be a part of the family and of course I will support him as far as I can.
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    Brando, If we ever decide to lift the ban, I say "IF" what can you promise us in return? How will you handle?
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    https://ninja-gaming.ninja/index.php?/topic/2557-can-i-go-back-to-your-servers/ Please take a look at this link and the reason you were banned in the first place and why your last appeal was denied. The decisions will be made by the higher up admins with the final decisions being the leader. Thank you
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    Name: Gabriel GUID: 07362828 Reason: Wallhack Proof: attached file (file upload was not working) 07e62828.dm_1
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    werun UID 00d48059 Hi Duck, I have banned this player as it was clear that he has aimbot but not sure if you would accept this ban, please take a look at the demo. If you are not happy with it then please unban him Thanks Shaz
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    And if you yell out MARCO, I'm pretty sure to respond POLO. That and "shave and a hair cut..." I'm very "roger rabbit" about that. PLEASE TELL ME YOU KNOW WHO ROGER RABBIT IS WITHOUT GOOGLING!
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    Unless he says FART or FARK, it isn't me. That's my safe word.
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    Name: Anton Age: 25 InGame Name: >kill'em all< GUID: adf8739a Past/Current Clans: {SOB} (ages ago) References: i-G.Lucky ; i-G.Jazz Something Interesting About Yourself/ Hobbies: My Hobbies are Photography, Music (Rock/Metal), Concerts (I think I can say I saw nearly all the great Bands of these Genres, I also stood in first row at the last ever Motörhead concert, right in front of Lemmy), collecting Music related stuff that I caught at concerts (like a cane of Alice Cooper for example and the last guitar pick that Lemmy played on stage befor he died) and playing guitar and bass guitar and several video games Reason for Wanting to Join: because it´s fun to play with such kind people like you are, it´s always funny and of course because I like to hunt my dad (i-G.Leon) 😅 Games Applying for (WaW/COD4): COD4
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    Hey Anton, We do play together for quite some time now and I must say you are very skilled. But being skilled is one part, you also are very skilled in giving other players a good mood with that nice character of yours. I'm very happy with your application, unhappy about Lemmy who is no more.. @i-G.Charlie is right, Although you just joined here, the standard is to become active on our forum so others can learn more about you. You will do just fine! Also, when you have the opportunity to record a player who you believe is cheating, make a recording and post it here on the forum. I'm very sure you will do a great job, as son of @i-G.Leon I'm very sure he can help you with the progress as he is a fast learner, ... That all said, you have a +1 from me
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    Well, well...if you are the son of Leon then that is a big + in my book! However, submit some reports, be active on the forums and your patience will be rewarded as we do have a process to become an admin. Seeing as you just joined the forum on Tuesday, we would like to get to know you better. I look forward to playing with you in game and I apologize ahead of time for what my knife will do to you.
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    Funny thing, i have been paying attention to this player for a while, and seeing hus attitude, and the way he treat other players made me com to the conclusion that i decided to tell my fellow admins in game that night (@i-G.Leon and @i-G.Jazz) that i was about to ask him to apply, and how they felt about that. That’s whan i learned that this is actually @i-G.Leon’s son 😄 Anyway, based on what i’ve seen of @>kill'em all<, i have no problem recommending him for a trisl membership. @>kill'em all<, have you learned from your father how to record and report suspected players? That would be a very important contribution on your way to becomung a trial member. +1
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    Name: SOY ECUATORIANO (That is the name if I am not mistaken) GUID: Idk Banning Admin: I do not remenber Admin’s Reason for Ban: I don't remember what happened, that was almost a year ago. Your Side of the Story: I was expelled 1 year ago if I am not mistaken, I do not remember the reason, and a month ago I returned to this of Cod4 and, as I always liked their servers, I decided to make this appeal to see if after months I could return to their servers, I know I have a past not very beautiful on their servers due to my bad behavior, but the truth is that if I ask you to accept me again on your servers, I miss them a lot) Thank you, I await your response and whatever you decide I will accept Regards.
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    - Name: COunter & CID_123 - GUID: 735a4a9b - Reason: Wallhack - Proof: Video uploaded
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    Hi MR_SN0WY, Welcome to the forums. Guid:- 466624469 (Thanks for the admin call) Plenty of proof in the demos for aimbot. Player has been banned! Thanks for the report. Sam.
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    Name: Doing GUID: c8f273c2 Reason: he can shoot his rifle too fast, it doesn´t look normal Proof : Video is attached c8f273c2_Doing.dm_1
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    Could you explain this a little more? I am not sure what you are saying.
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    Allow us to think about this, it probably will take more than a couple of days. We will inform you when a decision is made. Thanks for your patience.
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    Maybe I need to change my name. To something like FLYNN (TRON nod) or Boaty McBoatface. So when he shows up, I can BOOT HIM!
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    Its Nado or Grill? bb26946f bb26946f.dm_1
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    the best 1e0b5c39 proof uploaded TDM High Jump 2pm Pacific 1e0b5c39.dm_1
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    Same Guy here but later on 737bc6e1.dm_1
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    C0ounter 737bc6e1 Multi Hack Uploaded 737bc6e1.dm_1
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    Name (Their Name) :- RondoTheGod Reason :- Aimbot, harsh behavior Guid :- (To obtain guid please send a call admin) !calladmin (hacker name) report I don't know their GUID but i did call an admin using the described method Proof :- Please ensure minimum 3 X evidence shots (Please upload .dm_6 file to HERE with hacker name as the name of the file.) The attached file provides plenty of evidence, including aiming while in chat. He broke rules 1,2,3,5 from what i can tell, making the game unplayable. votekicks do not work for him. I have provided 2 files. They are not copies of eathother as the name may suggest. Thank you RondoTheGod.dm_6 RondoTheGod (copy).dm_6