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    Hello everyone Like many of you reading this, I love to play on this server, it's pretty much the only game I play and has been for some years. Lately though it seems like there are less people. Maybe it's the summer, maybe people are less available, but also maybe it's because some drop by the forum and see no one is there and then leave. Happens to me often. Sometimes I go in and graffiti the place up until someone shows up. So I was trying to figure out a way to have a notification when someone is available. I like playing heads up and it beats shooting Zs everywhere! I've chatted with other players about this and some ideas have been thrown around, like email or #slack. Maybe it's as simple as leaving a comment in this post like "ready to play for the next 5-10 minutes" and having it show up in the recent posts section. Any other ideas or suggestions for this?
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    I always fish for fish that I can eat. Fishing for flies seems pointless.😂
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    Well, my fiends. In fact my friend actually recorded me flyfishing, trying to learn it himself. He did a slo-mo, and that actually made it a bit cooler than i expected 🙂 20200601_185413_001.mp4
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    No we cannot use cloud servers. Things are being currently worked on.The most popular mode of game is up and running. Until things are updated, if you want anything else you will have to use other servers.
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    where, is it like that game, find where's wally but instead it find where's Lucky 😂😋❤️
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    ...I think I saw you fly fishing recently ...
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    Well, i'm still around, for sure. Been in game 1-2 games every week (very few players in game most of the times), but in this weather i preffer flyfishing for trouts 🙂
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    I think also a factor is some of the more experienced players can be heavy handed in the domination department, me included, not to mention VIP nades, which scare some people away. Some players just can't handle it and rage quit quite fast. Just had it happen a few minutes ago with a regular player. Only an assumption though. The hard headed players stick around to try and win which make for really fun games. If you see me in game as a spectator, just shoot it up so I can hear you. Sometimes I leave the game on in the background and do something else and come in if/when I hear shooting. So yeah, RPG, Toob, Car explosions all good.
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    I don't obviously know about others but here in the UK our weather has been fantastic for the last couple of months. I am therefore outside most of the time, not in on the computer.
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    Some servers run CoD4x which is another client for CoD4, I don't know much about it but I can say that CoD4x cannot run on MacOS, unless you're running Windows or something on it. So when servers run their server on CoD4x, it will try and download the files necessary to access the server but because you're on MacOS, it just stays there and doesn't move. As for on i-G with "Server Disconnected" there could be multiple things that are the issue, like SittingDuck said if you're using a VPN then you'll need to turn it off to access the server, which you stated you do not use so that's fine, SittingDuck also mentioned about the headphones / speakers, I haven't come across that issue on MacOS so I don't think that applies to Mac users. The only other reason I can think of is that you're banned, sometimes with any server not just i-G, if you get banned, it glitches and doesn't display your ban message, it just states "Server Disconnected" Hope this helps in some way.
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    Love that one my friend 🤣
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    really? ... hehe - a friend of mine sent this to me via whatsapp - and I thought that would fit with Lucky's comment ...
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    This is from Just For Laughs Gags shot and produced right here in Montreal! This is at the "Lac des Castors" on Mont-Royal, the big mountain in the central part of the city.
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    To all the rage-quitters (you know who you are) why don't you suggest a different weapon/gameplay/dynamic before you rage-quit a map? Had a decent game with Proudnoob yesterday where I was only using no scope pistol while he was full guns, was actually fun, finished 36-36.
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    Sitting Duck does come on often and check the servers but often under different names.
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    i'll stick around for a bit, shooting Zs here and there. ...it's art...
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    you just have to work on your timing a bit @i-G.BiggiE😉
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    I wouldn't say promptly ... I played almost all of broadcast. I was having connection problems because of the thunderstorms.
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    Yeah, I think i need to lay off the VIP nades. I really like the jump ability and the kill reward more. I'll have to rely more on flashing people....WITH A NADE. Not me in a long jacket showing off my floppily doppilies.
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    I finally got it working on Linux stably using proton, so i will be on a bit. Today is actually my first day playing most of these maps in about 10 years I played the heck out of the cod waw server (I miss it so much), if i can find people on this one, i will play this to death too lol
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    Zig, I am saying the same thing. Where is everyone? I am in the USA but in early morning every day, afternoon on weekends and most nights, the server is dead.
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    That is because we were in the middle of changing to new servers until the COVID19 lockdown. Everything then had to stop.
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    @bujarthebest could you tell us your GUID please
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    are your headphones or speakers plugged in?
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    If you are using VPN it will disconnect you as we do not allow it.
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    ... that's really a strange thing - I don't know if this is sometimes necessary also with mac os - but on my windows PC I also had to plug in headphones to make COD4 work. Without it, it wouldn't work for me either. But my son didn't have to do that on his windows laptop - there it works without it.