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    Paul 50 BiggiE 96d71cb6 {GITS}Call of Duty and Black Ops series, (SOB)Call of Duty and Black Ops series, {RIP}Call of Duty and Black Ops series. These clans faded and dispersed. RedRose knows me quite well, I believe the whole COD high jump crew know me, no real references... I have been an electrician since I was 17, I now work for the School District as an Electronics Foreman. I have built every computer I owned since my Commodore Vic 20 and Commodore 64. I repair cell phones, laptops, ipads etc, just for the fun of it. I have THE best dog in the universe, Hunter! He's a re/blue hearler mix, sharp as a tack, stubborn as a mule. I love sitting around the fire in my back yard quaffing Local Craft IPA's. I'm a simple man with simple pleasures. I have been contemplating this for a year or so now as I have played here for years and donated for almost as long. Its practically the only server I play on and really like the people who frequent the server and enjoy the rules you play by. I have a decent eye for the hackers and just feel I would like to belong to the family in whatever way I may be able to contribute. Games Applying for COD4, although I have WAW, but don't play very often at all, not even sure why???
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    Application accepted. Please liaise with Redrose who will guide you through all processes. All new members are on a trial period and are only allowed to tempban during that time. Welcome aboard and happy new year.
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    Hello Biggie, thank you for the report. I banned this player last night from in game using a different name EdenHazard and he was using wallhack. Your demo didn't show a lot but you can tell that he was using wall hack the way he was tracing through the wall while the player was jumping through the sky. It took me 3 demos to get enough on him due to his crappy shooting lol. One of the worst hacker I have seen in a long time.
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    We’re just a couple of cool cats in the canadian country winter enjoying a yes i agree a tad girlie beer but still quite tasty nonetheless. I wish you all a great 2020 with plenty of love and health which is all that really matters. Cheers my friends! ?
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    I will stay inside, too cold for me at this time of the year.
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    Beer, BEER, oh YUK, you guys seriously need to drink so good stuff ??
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    haha get a dog, lock him and dog outside with a beer in his hand, he would be happy with that ?, this would give you chance to get some bans
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    Pictures of the fire and the beer would be nice!!!
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    Hey BiggiE, thanks for your application. we've played with each other many times, (often maybe without you knowing it). Thank you for your previous reports, you have a good eye for cheaters. Keep it up! +1 off course btw.. didn't know that you also has been a former {SOB}
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    Haha sure do dear. Biggie has been such a wonderful player for many years and certainly has a good eye for hackers, (15 bans already ) +1
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    Get on waw and it's a plus 1 ...:) Only joking +1
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    Name /BHE Wall hack aim bot GUID 8e7ed6d6 8e7ed6d6.dm_1
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    @i-G.ZIGFRIED You bought 'Grimbergen White?' not Blond, Pale Ale or Brown? I forgive you as it's just your first week. Happy New Year and yes, white also is good, as long it's Belgian brand!
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    Sipping? SIPPING? beer is for quaffing not sipping. And get some decent UK beer as well.
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    Welcome my dear Ziggy, hope I didn't confuse you too much with all the information ?I sent you. They are usually the best kind and makes things more fun, hey @i-G.Jazz, oh and thanks to @i-G.Leon for stepping in and answering a few questions while I toss and turned in bed last night ❤️
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    Yes, with my sniper maybe ? The thing is, I'm at my parents place till sunday the 5th, so when I'm playing I sit next to my dad So I can't do any reports, but I'll check the players with my dad and we don't have a dog ?
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    No way, you are faster than everyone else and your dad who likes to kill me. Just a few good reports You can do it before 2020, I'm sure of that ? You are a great player and person, we really would like you in so ask ur dad to play less and walk with the dog more to move some space for you.
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    I know. This was my weak attempt at humor.
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    Name Scott Age 45 InGame Name SMITTY68129 GUID 22a30f24ad87c62f4f5e0f32240f90fe Past/Current Clans None References I am not really sure who might be. I am going to say Ozzy since he may know the best and the worst? Starburst to whomever is willing. Actually @i-G.Charlie is probably the one I have seen and remember the longest here. Years it feels like. Something Interesting About Yourself/ Hobbies I love all things that fly. My InGame name is my name with the tail of the first airplane I ever flew. I love chess. I built the machine for the Man vs. Machine challenge in NY against Garry Kasporov. (It was a tie). All of the prep for the first live stream of a chess game on a major network and I got to be a hero for...... ? moving a mouse after the developers forgot to turn off hibernate and the engine thought for over 15 minutes. Oh well. Reason for Wanting to Join Other than my modesty coupled with my brutal honesty, I am a pretty decent guy who generally sees the picture. (of me getting shot) Games Applying for (WaW/COD4) COD4
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    I have managed to find many ways to fall into the abyss. Will post all of them later.
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    Congratulations and welcome aboard, @i-G.ZIGFRIED??
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    @i-G.ZIGFRIED Grimbergen is a good beer! Not that far from where I live too.
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    lol, or you can tell Dad to keep his hands off your cheaters (He has made 150 bans already)
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    -1 for continually shooting me. -1 for drinking rubbish beer. +1 for the rest