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    Hello Friends Spotted this guy "Dodge" hacking it up. Name: Dodge GUID: f7ed0988 Reason: aimbot/wallhack Proof : demo recording attached Cheers ZIGFRIED dodge-f7ed0988.dm_1
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    These quotes are built into the game and are not specific to our servers. Some of them also make me smile. They are so true.
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    When Mr. Hand Grenade's pin is pulled..... He is NOT our friend!!
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    player name: bewbhair reason: wallhack and aimbot game: cod waw proof is in attached demos: I called admin so guid should be on file. In video I talked to him bc he wasn't hiding cheats and I already had recordings. He said he didn't care he had many steam accounts and pc's. Thank you bewbhair.dm_6 meme.dm_6
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    Some that caught my attention; "Aim towards the Enemy." -Instruction printed on US Rocket Launcher "Cost of a single Tomahawk cruise Missile: $900,000" "If your attack is going too well, you're walking into an ambush." -Infantry Journal "The press is our chief ideological weapon." -Nikita Khrushchev “Religion is never the peacemaker” -iG.Jazz
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    It runs extremely well. Parallels gives access to the 3D Hardware and it runs smoothly. I allow Parallels to have access to 2 of the 4 processor cores and bearing in mind its a game from last decade it is just perfect. The other 2 processor cores easily maintain all the background activity for the rest of the macOS. 32GB RAM gives it all plenty of room to work. I have been running Catalina beta's on my laptop separately from my iMac and the latest releases are quashing the bugs quite well. Lazy developers are whining a bit but they were given plenty of warning. It's a big change Apple has made to give themselves the 'cleanest' and subsequently most efficient commercial operating system for the next 5-10 years. This new efficiency greatly helps many programs but even more so apps like Parallels because there is less overhead in macOS which means more CPU cycles are available to the virtual machines. In the next month or so I bite the bullet and migrate. A big change but as I mentioned, my COD 4 is working well in the Windows 10 virtual machine. (Actually I am wondering if it might even run better in my clean Windows 7 virtual machine. Interesting thought... Anyway I digress!) I just have to put in my shortcut keys for various VIP commands I use in to my Windows COD, then give it a little more testing and then make the switch! I like the idea that I can have my game playing in front of me in Windows whilst my Mac apps are sitting there on the second screen doing their thing and I can monitor them! Now if I can just add another 24hrs to each day then I can get all of this and the rest of my To Do list completed!
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    I was wondering if the quotes appearing at the end of a map are part of the original game or are these specific to this server? I see new ones popping up, or maybe some I had never noticed before, and they always make me think and corner-smile. Cheerio! ZIG
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    Either way, you did VERY good reporting this. He is definitely wallhacking, but he had skills like a crab, and couldn´t get enough kills to get himself banned. He´s definitely cheating, but we need 3 clean (hack-)kills. Please keep them coming, because you obviously have the eye for suspicious players! You have the "eye", @Biggie, and i love that!!
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    he left as soon as he typed this. couldn't call admin but I got a screen shot. I let a lot of the verbal abuse go that I take every night I play but this crossed the line. Thanks
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    Thank you for the report Ziggy. Player was banned in game using a different name. Keep up the good work. Please lock and move.
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    Hi. I assume you read all this...? https://ninja-gaming.ninja/index.php?/topic/2713-do-not-upgrade-to-catalina-os/&tab=comments#comment-20535 Unfortunately short of creating an external bootable Mojave system just with COD on it, there is no way of running the COD program on your Mac as it is. The reboot method works fine but is a pain in the ass. The plugin emulators referenced above are just a shell which wraps around those plugins only. It's all within the domain of that program. You would need an entire system wide emulator. If you can backpedal to Mojave for now then I would stay there if you can for a little while. However, as per my last entry in that post above, utilising Parallels and a Windows 10 environment works great and is not too difficult to set up. I'll be adding to that post above in the coming days as I fine tune my Mojave to get 64 bit clean before an upgrade to Catalina. (COD will be the last to go 😉). However that upgrade for me is likely to be a reasonable time away because Catalina is too flakey at the moment and I aint jumping that fence yet! I'll try and provide a simple tutorial at the bottom of that other post for those that are keen.
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    Name Stwongbad GUID f1d430ab shadow of a doubt Proof Uploaded At the beginning of the round I was shot through a wall and the kill cam showed this player turning to the wall and shooting through it. I went to spectated, started recording, and watched. There are times I see the player look at walls, but not shoot, then waiting for the body to appear. After I started recording, I did not see blatant walling, but......... Please, let me know what you think! f1d430ab_dm_1.02ca2bd989441fd0c30cc496dccf193f
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    I also watched the video and I also think he uses some cheat but he avoids shooting his opponents directly through a wall. But you can see that he expects the enemy to come out from behind a wall ... so I think he sees someone standing behind the wall, he just waits until he comes out. But I think we do not have enough proof to giv a ban - but in any case, this player is one we should watch well. Thank you for your good work @Biggie - please keep it up!
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    Hi, @Biggie. I do believe this player for sure used wallhack. However, i counted 2 kills which should be considered as proof, and one that i´m not 100 percent sure of. Maybe others would care to give some opinions on this one?
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    he is indeed rude and I know for sure he was given a warning but upon checking him, he no longer has his warning. Think he has changed profile.
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    Hello Friends ZIG here with my first record & report! New at this so recording is a bit long, I was 1 vs 2 so instead of spectate i just kept a few replays at the start and towards the end where I noticed the aimbot. I will get better at this. Hopefully it's enough. Thanks Name: demos GUID: 0af11983 Reason: aimbot Proof : demo recording below https://www.dropbox.com/s/lj1fc6ojehhru8k/0af11983 demos - aimbot.dm_1?dl=0 Cheers ZIGFRIED
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    Hi Rose, if we had been more players I would have done so but being just 3 I wanted him to stay in game as i feared that spec'ing him would've either made him leave or ended the map. Thanks for your help
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    Thanks for flagging this and sorry you had to find out the hard way. For few years now I've been reluctant to upgrade any Mac OS as I know it will inevitably break something that works just fine as is. Good job Apple! That and removing headphones jacks on iphones ... *facepalm* See you all in game soon!
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    Btw, never update when things are running just fine. I learned over the last 25 years when I started with Windows 3.1
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    Let's have a look pants. Please try to re connect
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    I am clearing out a lot of dead accounts. All players please be aware that duplicate accounts will also be removed.
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    I think i've ran out of bullets with brick gun.
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    The brick gun is an awesome weapon, you just aim and fire it like a normal pistol. It actually shoots a bullet just like a normal gun. The bricks are just for show, and will not actually harm anyone even if they appear to hit them with a brick. The brick gun does not run out of bullets, and is usually a one shot kill. Ideal for snipers out of map on bog etc if you are skillful enough to be able to aim it at range. It's a pistol - so it is better suited for short range, but I find it pretty good at any range. One of my personal favorite weapon in the game if I can obtain one. I think they are only available as a care package and only to vip's. I don't think the brick gun can be dropped and collected by someone else - but I could be wrong - I have never actually tried swapping it for another weapon on the rare times I have obtained one.
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    Thanks for the information, however I don't like to listen to others come into this clan spilling all details on a player that plays on other servers and what they do there. I would rather judge the person myself and decide whether or not they are cheating in our servers. As far as I am concern, I should never make judgement on what they do on other servers as they may never cheat on ours but on other servers they do. We can not and will not ban a player that cheats on other clan servers, it is not how we work. If they cheat on our servers then punishment will be served. After all we are a friendly, fair and family oriented clan and I personally would like to keep it that way.