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  2. Topic point is blurring....
  3. Does this count? Lucky can tell us more about this... Geirangerfjord
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  5. My car isn't a Ford but by pretending to be one it is a Fordjery
  6. Best one yet! Well Done.
  7. Thanks for the suggestion. The subject of new servers is being discussed by clan admins and members.
  8. should we get mw2 servers available?
  9. i-G.Jazz

    rompe wh

    Well done @i-G.ZIGFRIED Thanks @i-G.Sitting Duck closed and moved
  10. Good catch. he is banned.
  11. i-G.ZIGFRIED

    rompe wh

    Name: rompe GUID: 2c7efbca Reason: wallhack Did not get a chance to tempban before he left but I think i have enough here. Was tracing a lot.
  12. I fixed it. It was an error in the game since it had the same Guide as before, I changed it again for the new Guide and I was able to enter Sorry
  13. I do not speak Spanish so please use English on here.
  14. @brando___cuenca I saw that you or your brother unsuccessfully tried to join the game two days ago. I can confirm that the message "banned for wallhack" came. So I checked the player panel to see if there was a new ban for you. But there is no new ban. So I wonder why you couldn't join the game. The last time you were in the game, you managed to change the GUID. With this GUID it worked without any problems. Have you possibly changed the GUID again? The problem is obviously not on our side, since we have not made a new block for you.
  15. iG.Sitting Duck ¿De nuevo? Quería jugar en el servidor TDM por un tiempo y no puedo. Reacción: "Wallhack" Entre hace dos días y estaba jugando normalmente y no entiendo por qué eso sale ahora, ¿tal vez hubo un error o algo así?
  16. We have distinctive seasons in Europe and during the winter it is cold and damp so we stay inside a lot. Summer is good and we are outside a lot. Therefore if outside we are not playing games. on the computer.
  17. Sorry to interrupt but do you think it really is the season? I do not know in your countries how this is taken from the seasons since most of you are European or American but I have entered many servers where the majority of people are Latin American and occupy long time on the servers either at any time of the year, as you will know in Latin American (specifically in central and southern America) the seasons do not exist since for us it is the same all year round although the longest time is hot + 30 ° C, in short, what I wanted to say is that they would promote the server more for Latin Americans since there are still many people who play Cod4. I say this because I have been entering many servers either American and most of it is full of Spanish-speaking (Latin American) players.
  18. Haaa... haaaa... haaa... Love your dry British humor, my friend 😉
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