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  2. Thanks all of you for the input. Will try to follow all advises received. Yesterday I have told Redgun and Dilly about the new server - they've tried to join the new server right away. But the result was the same as mine - both have received the KEY CODE IN USE message.
  3. Yes, it will do download, but that is just the new maps.
  5. I tried putting the IP address above into "New Favourite" on the Join Server page. It tried to connect, but finally timed out.
  6. OK, for all of us who aren't hackers with knowledge of IP addresses and HOW TO FIND THEM in the COD interface...what is the NAME of this server? do I connect using that IP? I don't see lists of servers by IP, only name. And I tried a couple that were HIGH JUMP, but one crashes my system trying to download something, and the other...isn't it.
  7. you may also try to trash the com.aspyr.callofduty4.plist file located in the user/library/preference folder
  8. Also look in second hand or charity shops or on Ebay. Original 2nd hand games very cheap/
  9. @S3quoia I also had this problem and I've read that this comes from games purchased on the Apple Store due to the fact that apple don't handle/issue key codes anymore. My workaround is that I installed Steam, bought the game again from the platform for 20$ and now works well. Hope to crush see you in game soon my friend :-)
  10. I also know this message. I mostly have it, if the server crashed or if I lost connection (internet temporarly down) It doesn't happen very often - but it happened again the day before yesterday and also on the new server (I could still log in on the old one...). Normaly the problem solves by it self after you waitet a few minutes. To me it also works, when I restart my internet router / -moden. Just turn off the internet router for a moment or pull out the power adapter, wait a while, and then plug it back in. Then restart the game. Please try out, I hope it will help, if the issues still
  11. Are you clicking on correct server. The one on map mp_shipment44 crashes my laptop, its the other one you need to join. If that is not your problem then I'm out of ideas sorry...
  12. Last week
  13. My only BIG wish for the new server is at least to get there ;)). Keep getting message - Key code in use. Please try later . I have not this problem on the old server. I have never shared the key with anyone. I have followed the community suggestion to re-enter my key code - doesn't help, to delete codkey file in registry - lost my statistic, but the main problem is still with me. Would like to get any suggestions/ solution to resolve the issue. Thanks in advance for the help S3quoia
  14. I think swapping some of the huge maps for smaller ones would be a good idea, I don't know where you get the maps from but I've been looking on Here. Some to try could be Shipment long, Rust from MW2, Nuketown. Also since Waw is no more could add Castle and a remake of Asylum. Thanks
  15. I like the new server, it's so much fun especially due to the new guns and more options to choose from. But I would like to have the game physics of the old server as it is hard to hit someone who's mid air with a sniper on the new one. At the moment the sniper is very useless, because you can only kill someone if he stand still for a second.
  16. well, I think it was okay that way it was a nice dance
  17. also on the map "Arbo" I noticed you can get under map and shoot, so maybe enable the auto spawn feature?
  18. I agree with @i-G.Leon's suggestions for the server. Apart from the obvious gravity setting which would be nice to have like the old server, I would bring back the killcam. There's also certain situations where if you've just jumped and jump again right away then you don't jump as high. I don't know if this is normal or tweakable but it's something I noticed. Thanks again to @i-G.Sitting Duck, doing great work my friend!
  19. This will switch about with different maps of which you will see some new ones, thanks to Dirty Dog once again
  20. s requested for a while the game has been changed to team death match/ I can also change it to HQ and working on the other game styles/
  21. I will look at the knives. I actually like it better and have used it more this week. I think you just have to be closer. I am slowly learning what every setting does. When I find that one I will check it
  22. If it's possible to do something with the Autoknife, it would be great ! I had a long fight vs @i-G.Motorizer last night with many attemps that would have been succesfull in the old server. (And most of all he finally knifed me, which should not be tolerated on this new server 😜 )
  23. sounds like you're a brother of the Pointer Sisters ...
  24. thank you SD. For all you have done.
  25. I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it! I'm about to loose control and I think I like it!
  26. ... ok, don't worry - I didn't mean to push anything - then I just can't wait to get home and play the new maps that have been running since the weekend ...
  27. teamspeak is back New server at
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