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  2. Maybe using a VPN ? which is not allowed on our servers too
  3. I have checked and as far as I can see he is not banned. he was kicked back in November but nothing since then. We have no record of you being banned under that name У нас нет записей о том, что вы были забанены под этим именем U nas net zapisey o tom, chto vy byli zabaneny pod etim imenem
  4. I have only just seen this. Evidence reviewed and insufficient. Ban lifted
  5. banned for VH .... but I never used cheats ... and I can (think this is what it says) Пожалуйста, сделайте отчет здесь
  6. Guest

    снимите бан

    забанили за вх .... но читами я никогда не пользовался ... да и е умею
  7. Thank you @i-G.Sitting Duck Although it might be a joke; 'you killed COVID-19' it is ok. Problem is when the same player kills you or someone else, the joke changes to: 'killed by COVID-19' Therefor, not allowed for me. Thank you for bringing this on.
  8. As long as i'm in game there will be no names even close to COVID-19 / Corona, that's for sure.
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  10. Wise decision. Duck, My wife and I are considered high risk. I see nothing funny about this virus. We are self quarantined. and are uncertain as to our future. Luckily, I have Ninja-Gaming and my office machine collection to keep me entertained. Thank you sir.
  11. We are having a small number of players starting to use names referring to the current COVID 19 crisis. I find them to be totally offensive and when people are scared of even going outside, to bring the subject to a gaming area is not on. Please be warned that anyone using such a name will be kicked and if they return and continue with it they will get official warning and then temp bans. Our servers are there to have fun, not worry.
  12. Have you got enough TP?
  13. I have the whole series on DVD.
  14. Beware of the "Rover" 😉 ... during your captivity you could watch the Season 1 Episode 1 - Arrival, if you want. you will find it here: youtube This TV series also came in German TV. But at this time I was too young for this and I even couldn't see it in TV because it only was showing in western -TV. don't think that it also was shown in the former GDR. btw... here they also are thinking about a lockdown. I think it will come soon. Then we can only go to work, buy groceries and go to the doctor ... if we can still do it ...
  15. We had a TV series in the UK many years ago named The Prisoner. Patrick McGoohan was a political prisoner held in a village where names were not used, just numbers. He was called Number 6. When he tried to escape a big bouncy balloon would chase after him and stop him going. Due to the current situation, I am now isolated at home and not supposed to leave. I have turned into Number 6.
  16. Well I understand that, I'm little too aggressive when it comes to playing cod, so I'll get over with it.
  17. I would also echo @i-G.BiggiE's statement about your in-game attitude. Just keep in mind that some of the players you complain about receiving a nade or a toob from are the same ones sticking up for you when you get reported. A little in-game respect goes a long way no matter who you play against.
  18. I just want to add. Lisa, you are not a pleasant person to play with or against, you complain about peoples playing style, you berate people for using certain weapons and are just generally rude. People come to this server to have fun, to forget about their worries and family concerns, people don't want to be ragged on by some one who feels their opinion is the only one that matters, that the way they play is the best way. You should follow what I am sure your mother used to tell you, if you have nothing nice to say...... hold your tongue. And you have my words..... everyone that cheats says the exact same thing you say!
  19. Well thank you so much Duck, and have my words, I don't and I will never cheat, also I'm a loyal player for your server, remember that.
  20. I regret that 99% of ban appealers state that they don't cheat or believe in it etc so our decisions have been based on the demos alone. There has been some differing in opinions so in fairness you will get the benefit of the doubt. Ban removed.
  21. I've seen the demo, and I don't see anything wrong with it, I told you that I live and breathe cod games, and I heavily played almost all of them, I don't need cheats, i don't want to cheat, it won't benefit me with anything, and tbh, i won't bother myself writing a forum, because it won't matter to me, servers come and go, and because I care about your server, here we're..
  22. the like content is still unavailable, and i told you my side of the story.
  23. The link works perfectly for me. Please do as asked and just address this matter.
  24. First the content of the link is unavailable, secondly.. and I'm gonna say it again, I played this game for over 9 years now, with over 6k hours, i live and breathe Cod games, and I played on your server for over 6 years, I've a demo dated back to 2014 playing on your serve, I used the names of "Fear" and "FearLess"and now "Lisa'', I am 100% against using cheats, I don't have them, I don't need them, I'm well aware of almost everything about the game, I use every element to my benefit, from sound, UAV, killcams, and my knowledge about the maps. I just need you to trust me on this, and trust my experiences, I myself Despise cheating, and I swore to never ever use any of them.
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