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  • Our Servers

    cod4 CA HighJump TDM
    Current Map: mp_crossfire

    cod4 CA Sniper Only TDM
    Current Map: mp_cargoship

    cod4 CA Promod BOTS TDM
    Current Map: mp_strike

    cod4 EU HighJump Mix
    Current Map: mp_backlot

    cod4 EU Promod Scrim
    Current Map: mp_backlot

    cod4 CA HighJump FFA
    Current Map: mp_crossfire

    cod WaW HighJump TDM
    Current Map: mp_hangar

    # Nickname Score Time Played
    [FFST]SoSriKuA 242 kills
    pollo 180 kills
    MeXico 140 kills
    ice_monky 120 kills
    BobbyD 110 kills
    PsychoBastard 90 kills
    _-T-_ 84 kills
    Reapers Back 80 kills
    friendly taco 80 kills
    Rambo7 40 kills
    stabby 30 kills
    puesto 30 kills
    PAT 10 kills
    A Baby 0 kills
    Your Mom 0 kills
    Your Mom 0 kills
    Spaz 0 kills
    AR15-556 0 kills
    Yao 0 kills
    # Nickname Score Time Played
    HAM 0 kills
    OMG 0 kills
    RAGZY 0 kills
    # Nickname Score Time Played
    [BOT] Reed 187 kills
    [BOT] Chad 160 kills
    [BOT] Adam 129 kills
    [BOT] Opie 129 kills
    [BOT] Brandon 109 kills
    [BOT] Ernie 107 kills
    [BOT] Albert 97 kills
    [BOT] Matt 92 kills
    [BOT] Wally 90 kills
    [BOT] Quade 80 kills
    # Nickname Score Time Played
    OMG 0 kills
    Twister 0 kills
    nawas 0 kills
    No Players
    # Nickname Score Time Played
    Fawn IX 0 kills
    HAM 0 kills
    No Players
  • Posts

    • Progress! Mission: Get COD 4 running on a Mac whilst enabling the Mac to upgrade to Catalina and beyond and not having to reboot in an older OS in order to run it. Results:  Firstly forget using Parallels to emulate an older Mac.  Will not support 3D.  Probably Apple breathing down their neck not wanting people to keep supporting older Mac OS except in a limited fashion. Subsequently instead of using a Mac virtual machine I instead used my Windows 10 VM I already had available and fully updated it along with all the Parallels drivers. I have a second COD 4 licence via Steam so I installed it and voila! 3D accelerated Cod 4 on my Mac.  It runs really well from first testing. Haven't seen how far I can ramp up the resolution and textures yet but when I have time I will add to the story. Best news is that the new Parallels (v15) which is coming out when Catalina is launched is going to support Apple's Metal 2 graphics engine and therefore will provide enhanced 3D support to Winblows virtual machines. Might give me more oomph. My Mac is a 27" Retina iMac with quite a reasonable 3D card in it so people's mileage may vary on older generation Macs that can run Catalina but only use integrated graphics and not discrete. However given that COD 4 was built some time ago its demands on 3D hardware aint nothing like modern games. For the record I had to downgrade COD 4 from the steam version 1.8 to v1.7 to enable it to support the Ninja Servers which use a previous version of the multiplayer protocol.  The things we do for a bit of fun! 😂
    • Locked and moved. Thanks @stardust for the report.   
    • Hi Stardust
      thanks for your report, welldone mate!
      It's clear wallhack.  I also got his IP. Player is permbanned. Thank you!
    • Name: duriman GUID: 84a4e074 Reason: Wallhack Proof: uploaded video